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We invite you to the next level of your coaching journey.


Coaches who are mastering their profession become more aware of themselves, their relationship with the client, the environment and the system, and are able to work consciously in the coaching relationship. They are ready for holistic work with the client, taking into account the mind, emotions and body. They are driven by courage and are ready to accompany the client in difficult emotions, share insights and admit their mistakes.



Module 5 - Advanced Coach is a continuation of the Business Coaching Diploma course.

This module focuses on coaching work at the ICF PCC level and ends with a final assessment graded in accordance with the markers of this level.


Programme information

Who can be interested

Workshop Module 5 - Advanced Coach is dedicated mainly to people who are interested in broadening their coaching knowledge and :

  • completed the Business Coaching Diploma course (or another adequate*) and 
  • have relevant coaching practice (at least 50 hours of coaching) 
  • completed min. 10 hours of mentoring

* In this case we verify if the content of the coaching training corresponds to that of Business Coaching Diploma and follows the ICF standards: Core Competencies and Code of Ethics

Course programme

The Module 5 - Advanced Coach workshop consists of the following parts:

Workshop 1

  • Systemic work: principles of how systems function 
  • Managing yourself as a coach: consciously using your energy competencies

Workshop 2

  • Working with the body and emotions in coaching 
  • Courage and readiness to accompany the client in difficult topics 

Workshop 3

  • What distinguishes a coach at the ICF PCC level 
  • Coaching practice

Workshop 4

  • Final Assessment with ICF PCC markers
  • Final exam - Presentation 

Certification and accreditation process

The complete Business Coaching Diploma Advanced Coach course is Level 2 accredited.

Upon completion of the program participants receive the Business Coaching Diploma Advanced Coach certificate, after which they can apply for the individual ICF ACC or PCC accreditation through the Level 2 pathway.

Schedule of the program

Part 1:  01-02.10.2024

Part 2:  07-08.10.2024

Part 3:  22-23.10.2024

Part 4: Final assessment: 30-31.10.2024 

*Online classes will be held at: 09:00 - 1:00 pm CET 


Cost associated with participation in the programme:

Regular price: 2100 EUR net*
Special price for Alumni of Business Coaching Diploma: 1600 EUR net*
* VAT will be added, if applicable

Additional information

For further information, please contact the PwC Academy:


Join to the programme and :


Gain knowledge and practical tools for systemic work


Learn how to manage your energy competencies


Connect to work on difficult subjects


Confront the different emotions of the client


Discover how to work with the body in coaching


Practice coaching at ICF PCC level





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