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Workshop description

Possible areas of “IPO Ready” diagnostics

The workshop is addressed to companies contemplating or preparing a public offering of shares or debt securities. The participants will gain knowledge of, among others, the public offering and prospectus preparation process, the role of the advisors in this process and the relevant capital markets regulations.

In addition, participants will gain an overview of the current and periodic reporting obligations as well as of the corporate governance requirements applicable to public companies.

Due to the nature of capital markets transactions, our workshop has a closed form – it is addressed to the representatives of your Company only.

The agenda of the workshop will be tailored individually to your needs and expectations.

The workshop is conducted at your Company’s headquarters or in a different location as convenient for you.


Introduction to capital markets

  1. Introduction to capital markets.
  2. Overview of IPO market activity in recent years.
  3. Costs of public offerings of securities and “IPO discount”.
  4. Comparison of the Company’s potential IPO to other similar deals.

Requirements applicable to companies listing securities on the regulated market

  1. European and national regulations.
  2. Requirements regarding the content of the prospectus.
  3. What type of financial information should be presented in the prospectus?
  4. Complex financial histories.
  5. Other requirements relating to public offerings and prospectuses.

Preparing for an IPO

  1. Key success factors for an IPO.
  2. What to issue: debt or equity?
  3. Which stock exchange and which market to choose?
  4. When is it advisable to address your offer to US investors?
  5. The IPO process and timetable.
  6. Cooperation with advisors.
  7. Equity story – how to develop a suitable message to investors.

IPO… and what next?

  1. Corporate governance.
  2. Current reporting obligations.
  3. What is confidential information?
  4. Periodic reporting of public companies.
  5. How to build investor relations?
  6. How to carry out the next issue of securities?

Target audience

The topics covered during our workshop are tailored to the particular needs of a given company.

The workshop is addressed to:

  • Management,
  • Financial directors,
  • Existing shareholders of the Company,
  • Specialists responsible for strategy and investor relations,
  • Other employees.


The benefits from participating in the workshop

Unique knowledge

The workshop participants will gain an insight into the going public process as well as the requirements your Company needs to fulfil in order to conduct a public offering as well as after the listing. We will highlight the potential challenges your Company might encounter, indicate possible solutions, and together with you we will develop a draft timetable of the whole process.


The workshop is led by PwC specialists from the Capital Markets Group, who have extensive experience in capital markets transactions.

Real life examples

Participants will have an opportunity to test their knowledge while analysing real life examples of domestic and/or international public offerings of shares and/or debt decurities.


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