Competition law

Practical application of competition law issues in conducting business activities and risk management

The activities of anti-monopoly authorities is increasing, both at EU level and in individual Member States. The precise and effective application of the competition law is becoming of key importance for the effective management of business risk

Competition law not only requires excellent knowledge of the regulations, court judgments and practices of anti-monopoly authorities, but above all the ability to implement such issues in business operations.

Competition law | PwC Legal

Depending on your needs:

  • we will provide you with support both in the effective planning and completion of transactions, as well as in your daily business activities, in a safe manner, guaranteeing compliance with the competition law
  • we will provide effective tools for managing the risk of non-compliance with the competition law
  • we will show you effective solutions for problematic situations.

The experience of the competition law team in PwC Legal comprises, among other things, telecommunication, insurance, pharmaceutical, FMCG, financial, oil and gas, mining, energy, real property, and IT services sectors.

How we can help?

We provide comprehensive advisory on concentration control, compliance with the competition (antitrust) law, including cartels, abuse of dominant position, fighting unfair competition, and we perform audits of compliance with the competition law, prepare and implement a broadly understood educational process relating to knowledge of competition law for company employees.


  • Planning and evaluating transaction structures from the perspective of concentration control, and proposing legal solutions corresponding to business needs.
  • Organizing transaction processes in a manner which countervails the violation of competition law.
  • Supporting the effective management of cross-border projects, cooperating with competition protection authorities and advisors in various jurisdictions. Coordinating on multi-jurisdiction transactions.
  • Representing clients in proceedings relating to the concentration of control before the UOKiK (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and European Commission.


  • Representing entrepreneurs during UOKiK and European Commission controls, in anti-monopoly proceedings before the UOKiK and European Commission, and before common courts.
  • Developing and implementing internal procedures for compliance with the competition and consumer law in order to minimize the risk of violating such law.
  • Examining the consistency of trade agreements and business practices with the competition and consumer law.
  • Conducting internal audits of business activities.
  • Developing and carrying out training programs adapted to the needs of individual clients in respect of compliance / knowledge of the competition law.
  • Advisory in respect of designing distribution systems and evaluating trade, pricing and marketing policy in respect of compliance with the competition law.
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