Nowadays employing a good lawyer is not sufficient to win in litigation. The specificity of contemporary business and regulatory litigation requires something more

Without the professional support of the best industry specialists – who know the market, the products and services, accounting, valuation and financial experts, business investigation professionals – and without using state-of-the-art IT technologies, the chances of winning a dispute are slim.

PwC is a one-stop-shop. We do not have to look for outstanding experts – they are already here. We do not have to implement innovative technologies or systems – they are already functioning.

We do not have to learn about your business – we know about it.

Our advantage

We are experienced in servicing even the most serious litigation cases

We have represented clients in cases of a total value exceeding between ten and twenty billion euros.

We have the necessary know-how for your sector

We have represented clients from the following industries: financial services, chemicals, oil and gas, excavation, liquid fuels, energy, FMCG, luxury goods, automotive, pharmaceutical, real estate, telecommunications, modern technologies, media, transport and logistics, all kinds of complicated business and regulatory cases.

We can do more

Within our one-stop-shop we can ensure the full support of our best specialists from particular industries, including former market leaders and regulators. We can deliver reports and expert opinions, perform audits and valuations, conduct an internal investigation, advise on crisis management and public relations.

We are flexible

We will engage – within our firm – such resources as are necessary to conduct your case. We can be available to you on a 24/7 basis. We can also provide appropriate IT tools and – if necessary – transfer our office to your premises.

We do not limit our help to court representation

We offer comprehensive crisis management and dispute management & litigation outsourcing services.

We operate globally

Employing more than 2000 lawyers in 75 countries in PwC Global Legal Services, we have the widest territorial reach of all legal services networks.

We specialize in:

Dispute evaluation

We provide comprehensive services consisting of evaluating all types of disputes. We examine the bases and grounds for the claims. We prepare expert opinions on the chances of success and threats in potential litigation.

We issue opinions on the grounds for and scope of potential claim settlements, we model negotiation strategies. We develop scenarios and recommendations. In our analyses we focus not only on the legal issues, but also on the business aspects of conducting or ending litigation proceedings.

Regulatory disputes

We specialize in litigation relating to all types of administrative sanctions, in particular financial penalties. We provide full support in litigation relating to the distribution of rationed goods, concessions and permits. We represent clients before public administration bodies, administrative courts and European Union authorities. We have successfully represented clients, among other things, in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office, Office of Electronic Communications, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Office of Rail Transport, the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, Local Government Appeal Councils, the Public Procurement Office, the National Appeals Chamber, the Polish Patent Office, construction supervision authorities and environmental protection authorities.

Penal and tax penal cases

We represent clients in proceedings in cases of white collar crimes, including those related to corruption, acting to the detriment of the company, abuse and financial fraud. We also specialize in tax penal litigation (such as VAT fraud, VAT carrousels) and money laundering. We also have extensive experience in internal investigations, including those based on FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Litigation relating to construction works and infrastructural projects

We have represented clients in multiple proceedings relating to construction work and infrastructural projects. We have advised clients in disputes relating to the construction of sports facilities, trade centres, office buildings, residential developments, pipelines, transmission networks, hydro-technical constructions, rail infrastructures and power stations.

Labour law and management contract litigation

We service labour law and management contract litigation. We support clients both in individual and group disputes. In our practice, we have represented clients before courts of all instances. We also specialize in D&O insurance litigation.

Proceedings in respect of acts of unfair competition, intellectual property rights and image protection

We advise and represent clients in disputes relating to combating acts of unfair competition such as: imitation of products, trademarks and packaging, unfair advertising. We engage in cases relating to the protection of copyright, trademarks and industrial patterns, patent violations, including pharmaceutical patents, and we advise in litigation relating to website domains. Our lawyers have enormous experience in conducting litigation relating to the protection of image and reputation on behalf of both businesses and individuals.

Merger and acquisition litigation

We represent clients in cases relating to mergers and acquisitions. We conduct proceedings related to representations and warranties and we advise clients in disputes relating to M&A settlements. We ensure legal services in cases of hostile takeovers, the organization of Shareholders’ Meetings and we represent shareholders at those meetings.

We specialize in litigation relating to resolutions of corporate bodies. We also represent clients in cases where the sellers have withdrawn from share sale agreements.

Malpractice liability

We represent defendants and claimants in professional negligence litigation. The specificity of such disputes – in times of universal outsourcing and use of subcontractors – requires determining whether due care was actually exercised by the professional outsourcer or subcontractor. PwC specializes in determining such instances of negligence. Our practice also covers support in cases of evaluating management behaviour, in particular if they are suspected of acting to the detriment of the company.

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