Public procurement legal services

We provide advice to both the commissioning parties, and the contractors at all stages of the contract award procedure

We assist in preparing and ensure assistance during the proceedings, including representation before the National Appeals Chamber (KIO) and all types of courts. We ensure on-going services for public procurement departments, as well as legal assistance on a case-by-case basis. 

Legal practice regarding public procurement offers comprehensive services in respect of public procurement proceedings which comprise:

for the commissioning party

  • organizing and conducting a technical dialogue which precedes the contract award procedure
  • help in selecting an optimum mode for the contract award procedure
  • preparing and consulting the contents of the tender specifications
  • on-going advisory during the proceedings and afterwards
  • preparing public procurement contracts and providing opinions thereon
  • auditing completed procedures
  • suggesting solutions which increase the effectiveness of the public procurement process

for contractors

  • monitoring the most interesting tenders
  • drafting documents and the standard document base required by the commissioning parties from contractors
  • organizing and verifying tender documentation
  • on-going legal support during the contract award procedure and afterwards (explanations of the Terms of Reference (SIWZ), monitoring the procedure status, on-going telephone consultations)
  • participation in negotiations

for the commissioning party and the contractor

  • preparing appeals to the National Appeal Chamber (KIO), accession letters and complaints to the court
  • representation before the KIO and district courts
  • organizing training in respect of the public procurement law with regard to the client’s individual needs and profile
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