Personal Income Tax Advisory

Individual tax settlements of Management Board Members and Key Managers and individual PIT consulting

Unclear and frequently changing provisions of the Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) Law, inconsistent interpretations and case law, diversity of sources of income and benefits, complexity of personal circumstances and lack of tax expertise could all lead to improper reporting of income, and consequently to the risk of incorrect settlements.

  • By handing over the tax matters of the Management Board Members and Managers to a professional advisor, the key personnel can be assured of legal compliance and safety of their individual tax settlements.
  • Advisors assist in onerous and time consuming administrative activities relating to performance of settlements and provision of explanations to the tax authorities.


How we can assist you?

We offer a full spectrum of individual tax consulting services for the company’s key personnel, including:

  • Preparation of individual annual tax settlements
  • Administrative support
  • Advisory services with respect to income earned
  • Transfer of property
  • On-going support in PIT and social security matters

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Katarzyna Komorowska

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