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Prepare for the obligation to report tax schemes

MDR regulation | Report tax schemes

On 1 January 2019, new tax scheme disclosure rules came into effect. Now it is necessary to generate MDR documents and report them to the Head of the National Revenue Administration.

The MDR regulation affects differently entities that act professionally as tax scheme promoters and those that will in practice act as the beneficiaries or supporting entities.

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Do you want to know what arrangements will be subject to mandatory disclosure and what are the reporting deadlines?

Choose the Mandatory Disclosure Rules Reporter.

An interactive Excel sheet guides you step by step through the reconciliation process.

It defines the duties - from the role played in the tax scheme, to the selection of the appropriate MDR-1, MDR-2, MDR-3, MDR-4 form.

Do you need:

  • to determine the impact of the regulation, identify types of situations or specific events where the company or its employee acts as a promoter, supporter or beneficiary,
  • support in meeting your reporting and disclosure obligations,
  • support in implementing tax processes focused on the need to exercise due diligence by the company and its employees,
  • MDR training and consultation,
  • to prepare draft procedures, either mandatory (for certain entities) or non-mandatory, focused on ensuring that the MDR obligations are diligently identified and fulfilled?

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