Tax proceedings

Your support in dealing with the tax proceedings

The progressive specialization and computerization of the tax authorities make tax and fiscal controls more and more accurate and targeted

To minimize the negative impact of auditing on your current business, you should be well prepared and know how to proceed while it lasts. Because of our experience, we are able to assist entrepreneurs in conducting tax audits or tax inspections. We have a wide range of expertise in how tax authorities work, identifying potential risks, and supporting taxpayers in dealing with government representatives.

Fiscal controllers most often check:

  • transfer pricing documentation owned by the taxpayer, 
  • rewarding board members, 
  • documenting intangible services, 
  • moment of cost recognition in time, 
  • trademark usage, 
  • receiving free benefits, 
  • owning residence certificates, 
  • owning documents confirming the right to apply 0% VAT rate or 
  • permanent place of business in Poland owned by a taxpayer.

In particular, we specialize in the following areas: 

  • Restructuring, 
  • Transfer pricing disputes 
  • Disputes over VAT fraud 
  • Internal procedures (including KKS, anti-fraud, entry of the tax department) 
  • Tax investigations

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