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Why Poland?

Why Poland?

The main reason one invests is the future prospect of benefit. There are plenty of ways you can achieve this goal – one accept higher and one lower level of risk but one thing remain constant – one decides to invest after long decision-making process and in-depth analysis of various factors. What is decisive in regard to investment? Certainly a crucial role plays the place where you want to invest. Is it an European country? Developed or still developing? What is its economic situation? What is the attitude to investors? These are one of questions that potential investors should pose. The situation from recent years shows that after detailed analysis a lot of worldwide companies decide to invest in Poland. The statement makes us stop for a moment and think – then why Poland?

Let’s start from the basics

Poland has a convenient location – it is located in the center of Europe, at the intersection of main communication routes – it is like a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. This is a great advantage for potential investors – they have an easy access not only to the internal market (approximately 38 million of people) but also to external markets in other European countries (over 0.5 billion of people). Another advantage are benefits which come from participation of Poland in different global organizations like European Union, United Nations or NATO. Poland is therefore potentially politically stable and has a significant position at international arena. From economic point of view Poland is also trustworthy, the economy was not as affected with global crisis as other European countries, but has additionally strengthened its position in CEE and also whole Europe during the crisis.

For few years (mainly thanks to EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund) Poland has actively invested in infrastructure – road and rail transport as well as energy infrastructure has undergone a thorough transition. Not only infrastructure but the whole economy has gone through favorable years – the economic growth in 2016 was at the level of 2,8% and GDP per capita growth (purchasing power parity) was 70% of EU average. Various global reports prove that Poland is a good place for investments. 


According to Bloomberg's 2017 ranking, Poland is among 50 most innovative countries in the world

Ranking focuses on six tangible activities that contribute to innovation – R&D, manufacturing, Hi-Tech Companies, Education, Research Personnel and Patents. 

Poland is not only attractive due to geographical or political features but also due to its positive attitude to new potential investors. Poland creates a friendly climate for investors and offers clear tax and legal rules. This is confirmed by World Bank Group in “Doing Business 2017” report, Poland is at the 24. position when it comes to “Ease of doing business” ranking. There are a lot of investment incentives offered in Poland, such as special economic areas, tax credits, facilitation in employment, areas for investments and others. There are many institutions that provide advisory service to new investors from various industries. What is significant, Polish economy is diversified and from years products and services provided in Poland are perceived as good-quality ones.

And last but not least – Poland provides a well-qualified employees. Thousands of well-educated economists, engineers, IT specialists graduate every year from universities and become demanded in the market due to their specialized knowledge and skills.

As we see, Poland is growing as a perfect place to invest. Investors see the potential of Polish market and for years they efficiently take advantage of it. All things considered, would you be the one who wants to share this potential? 

6 %

of European external investments in 2016 was located in Poland.

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