Audit and assurance services

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As the world’s leading audit company, we have the best knowledge resources and sector experience in order to ensure the top quality of our comprehensive audit of financial statements. By applying an individual approach, which is tailored to the specificity of operations conducted by our clients, and by utilising the knowledge and expertise of our employees, we offer services based on the principles of quality, transparency and integrity. PwC globally applies a uniform audit methodology, founded on the ideas of reliability and independence as well as value added for a client.

All auditors working at PwC apply the same, global audit methodology that complies with the International Standards on Auditing and local regulations. The said methodology is regularly updated in order to comply with the changing provisions of law and the requirements of our internal quality and efficiency improvement programme.

By applying a uniform methodology around the world, we are able to utilise global audit tools and IT technologies as well as to share knowledge and experience within international teams.

One issue of crucial importance is that we make use of our network of global sector and product experts in order to cooperate on a cross-border platform, ensuring the most professional and efficient audit for you as well as access to the world’s best solutions of business problems.

Given the current economic climate, characterised by an increased pressure on the independence of auditors, corporate governance and responsibility, our clients can have full confidence in our methodology. The methodology assumes the utmost application of leading electronic audit technologies. Our base is integrated with information from the intranet and sector knowledge and with modern research tools applying internet resources of specialist companies managing sector knowledge.

Our professionalism in key areas such as the International Financial Reporting Standards or consulting in the field of corporate supervision prove that we strive to develop the most up to date materials referring to the areas of crucial importance to your operations. PwC has participated in the works connected with, among others, issuing opinions about the amended Accounting Act. 

We have also been deeply committed to translating the International Financial Reporting Standards, sponsored by the International Accounting Standards Committee, into the Polish language. Our expertise as regards new accounting provisions will enable us to be ready for the changing legal regulations. We have also authored a number of publications in the field of International Financial Reporting Standards and market analyses.