Drones to take maps to the next level?


Until now, Google has been the major player when it comes to maps. Apple launched its own services a few years after Google, but couldn’t catch up on that market. However, now it may change, since Apple plans to use drones to improve its maps.

Drones offer some great opportunities when it comes to updating maps, costs reduction and rapid response to changes. Apple plans to use drones to fly around roads and detect any changes, such as new construction going on or changes of street signs. The company is building new team of robotics and data-collection experts who will deal with that issue. Moreover, the Cupertino based company wants to add new services, such as navigation inside of buildings.

Maps are crucial for Google and Apple to attract other developers, but now, also for all of us – everyday users. Drone technologies may offer new and broader quality and offering when it comes to maps.  

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