Good karma for drone users: GoPro enters the drone market


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GoPro has uncovered its first drone, which is set to hit the stores in late October. The drone itself will set you back US$799, or you can buy it in a bundle with two models of the GoPro Hero5, each at a $100 discount compared to buying them separately. It was only a matter of time before GoPro capitalized on the trend of designing drones for GoPro cameras. Features include a foldable design, video stabilization, a controller with an LCD display, and a backpack case.  The foldability and made-to-fit case makes it one of the most portable drones in its size available, and its makers claim that it is also one of the most easy-to-fly drones. It does however lack an auto-follow feature, so you will still have to operate the drone when you are in action.


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