International Drone Conference in Poland


On 23rd and 24th November 2016 in Warsaw we could witness the High Level Conference on Drones titled “Drones as a leverage for jobs and new business opportunities”. Place of event wasn’t chosen accidentally. Poland as a country with the largest number of licensed UAVO (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operators) in Europe presents unparalleled engagement in drone industry.

Solemnly opening by Polish Minister of Infrastructure and Construction Andrzej Adamczyk initiated cycle of interesting presentations and speeches. Along most important figures of drone scene one could listen to i.a. Violeta Bulc - European Commissioner for Transport and Patrick Ky - Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

It is also worth mentioning that the only conference representative of Advisory was Michał Mazur – Partner and Head of Drone Powered Solutions team at PwC. You can find his presentation here starting at 2h59. 

The culmination of the conference was the signature of Warsaw Declaration – official document summarizing the conference called for a number of coordinated actions to develop the EU drone ecosystem and to deliver it by 2019, building on the guiding principles given in the Riga Declaration.

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