Pizza delivered by a drone soon possible


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Domino’s Pizza together with Flirtey – independent drone delivery service, are testing the first commercial drone deliveries in the world. Currently, the project is in a testing phase in New Zealand, but in a month, pizza will actually be delivered to customers by drones. After the pilot, the service is planned to be extended for Australia, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.
Drones offer a couple of advantages when it comes to deliveries. Firstly, they can significantly extend the delivery area thanks to lack of traffic and other access barriers. It is also much more environmentally friendly, because why would anyone deliver 2kg pizza package with 2 tonnes vehicle? Moreover, drone delivery is saver and faster. Domion’s doesn’t plan to charge any extra money for the sevice and the customer would order pizza on his phone as usual.

Wouldn’t it be cool to actually have your pizza delivered by a drone right to your doors? 

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