Polish Drone Market 2016


Yesterday, the Foundation Mikromakro Institute (Fundacja Instytut Mikromakro) published a report about Polish drone market. The value of Polish drone market in 2016 is estimated for PLN 201.31m and it grew by 22% in comparison to 2015. Trade is still the dominant part of the market (55%), but the market for drone services is right behind (33%) and it is growing significantly in comparison to the last year. The number of drones produced in Poland is decreasing, as the number of military orders diminished. On the other hand, the segment of the market concerned with trainings for drone operators is growing and now the value equals PLN 13.8m. Poland has the third largest number of drone operators in the world (after Japan and the US). Currently, it is being recognized that drones are not only unmanned aerial vehicles, and there are not only an aviation segment, but rather robotics, teleinformatics and much more.

Source: 5zywiolow.pl

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