Selfie 2.0 !!


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From now on, you do not need to use a selfie stick or your hand to take a selfie. Perfect selfies can be taken by a drone which is flying right above you!

Hover Camera Passport is a product made by Zero Zero Robotics – a company based in Benjing. The device is a small and square and has downward-facing camera. It can not only take a selfie, but also follow a person while he or she is walking around. It is possible thanks to the face-recognition system. However selfie drone has some disadvantages such as noise related to its operations or inability to follow a person while he is e.g. jogging, it is a great technological gadget. It is really easy to use and has a camera comparable to a decent phone camera.

Seems that cooperation between robotics and humans is moving to the next level!   

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