Why build drones, if one can simply grow them


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It’s not the first time that we come across an idea of connecting both drones and 3D printing. This time, we have read about a project done together with University of Glasgow and BAE Systems. The idea revolves around developing something called a "chemputer" which would be able to "grow" small scale unmanned aircraft, or drones in a laboratory. The main parts will be made by a 3D printer physically, while the "chemputer" would then speed up the chemical reactions from the molecular level. If this idea would work, it could decrease the production time of an aircraft from weeks to just hours. Of course, as for now the idea is only on paper and it will take a long way before the solution could become part of our daily life. However, we are looking forward to it and hope that one day growing drones will be possible.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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