Anti-drone systems


The number of drones flying above us is increasing steadily. Since a couple of times there was a danger of collision with e.g. a plane, and the amount of drones is also raising privacy or safety concerns, demand for some anti-drone solutions is growing as well. The threat of misusage of drones by terrorists, for example to carry explosive substances is also already there. Therefore, companies start to develop anti-drone systems to protect privacy and safety of people

Recently, the Australian company created a huge DroneGun. The machine weights almost 6kg, is able to shut a drone at a range of up to 2km and has a battery powerful enough to last for ca. 2h. It also uses jammer technology, and is able to detect and block GPS and equivalent technologies. The device does not destroy the drone, but forces it to either land vertically, or come back to the take-off place.

The technology is not the only one present at the market. Companies also explore other countermeasures using e.g. radio frequency, acoustic sensing and more. All in all, as the market for drones is growing, the one for anti-drone systems is accelerating as well. 

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