Aquatic drone detects floating garbage


Drones can not only fly, but also swim! An entrepreneur from South Africa invented a drone called WasteShark which has a taste for garbage. It was developed to be a “vacuum cleaner” which detects waste in the water and collects it. It can swim around 24/7 and carry more than 400 pounds of trash. The drone is also capable of learning its physical environment. It learns where the particularly dirty areas are and the users are also able to set geo-fences for it.  

The aquatic drone is now being tested in the Netherlands, the trials last until next year. Later on, the technology would be ready to worldwide roll out. The long-term strategy is to have that kind of autonomous, aquatic drones swimming in ports and other highly trafficked water areas around the world to help keep the waters safe. Great WaterShark – similar drone but able to carry as much as 1000 pounds of trash, is already in development. 

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