Drone delivery in China


China is a perfect country to test drone delivery solutions. While in e.g. US or other countries regulations limit the opportunities, in China the government allows for testing new usages of drones despite not fully regulated drone environment.

Chinese retail gigant JD.com tests full drone delivery solutions. The program was launched during countries “Singles’ Day” when the sales are always booming. The company declares that the tests were successful and it will develop the program further. However packages are not delivered directly to homes, the solution is expected to shorten delivery time and decrease costs. Drone delivery would be especially useful in rural China where lack of infrastructure impede traditional transportation effectiveness.  Packages are planned to be delivered to special regional centers and then distributed further.

For now the capabilities are impressive. The drone can carry as much as 5 to 15kg, flying up to 50km. 

Source: dronelife.com

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