Drone hunting


Commercial usage of drone technology is growing and number of drones in the air is constantly increasing.  Apart from numerous advantages, drones also pose a challenge e.g. for airports. A missing drone in a no-fly zone around the airport cause delays, huge loss of money and incredible danger.

Dubai airport is the third busiest in the world. One minute of airport closure costs… 1 million of dollars! So they decided to go drone hunting. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority tests a bot which has thermal and infrared imaging to seek out drones that are in a wrong place. When the bot detects a drone, it follows it to the launch point and then sends the location to the police. If tests prove successful, the solution can by introduced by the end of the year. Different airports tries different solutions, e.g. the airport in the Netherlands, trained bald eagles to detect drones.

The measures are numerous, but for sure the problem of drones in airport zones has to be resolved as the consequences can be disastrous.

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