Drones instead of traditional alarm systems


New startup - Sunflower Labs, plans to substitute traditional alarm system with drones. It wants to turn drones into private guardian angels for homes.

The system would rely on a drone and in-ground lights placed around the house. Using artificial intelligence, the system will detect motion, vibration and sound, and thus, be able to differentiate people, animals or objects. After analysis, it will recognize whether the house is at risk or not.  When detects risk, it will send a notification to the owner and then the owner can decide to send a drone for inspection. The drone will be placed e.g. on a balcony and will silently fly to check the situation.

For now, the project is expected to be tested in mid-2017. The company also plans to integrate the system with voice assistants such as e.g. Siri or Amazon’s Echo.

Seems, soon we can have drones flying around our homes and guarding our property. 

Source: money.cnn.com

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