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The brand new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg is designed to be a new landmark of the city. It combines modern architecture, amazing designs and classical performances. The place has opened to the new technologies so much, that it even offers a virtual tour powered by a drone.

Before the great opening on 11/12 of January 2017, the Philharmonic released an interactive video which allows to experience the new place at two different speeds – adagio and presto (slow and fast), switching speed by the spacebar.

Every viewer will be taken for a tour starting at the entrance to the building, through escalator, to the elevated terrace with a view over the marina and the city. The tour continues to the foyer and finally into the main concert hall. The viewer can see the hall from all the different angles and then drones meet back up in a great finish at the stage.

The cooperation between technology and artistic world is all the time developing, and this video is an example of great outcomes of such a cooperation.

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