First Amazon drone delivery


Recently, Amazon made its first ever drone delivery to an actual customer. It took place on December 7th, near Cambridge in the UK, in a zone which was designated for test drone flights. The drone delivered Fire TV streaming device and a bag of popcorn just 13 minutes after the order was placed. Now the tests are conducted with only a few customers, but the number will be growing soon.

Amazon conducts the tests in the UK, since in the US the regulations are still too strict. AmazonPrimeAir – dedicated service by Amazon focused on drone deliveries, is aimed to accelerate deliveries, reduce costs and also foster innovation. It is important to mention that Amazon is not the only company testing drone deliveries. Flirtey, American startup, tested deliveries for 7Eleven and Project Wing – unit of Alphabet, tried to drop off burritos to tech students in Virginia.

Although the technology is already out there, change in regulations and successful tests of the solution, are still limiting the full roll out of the service. But it seems anyway, that future fast deliveries facilitated by drones, are to come.   

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