Give your GoPro a ride with its own drone


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Being active and filming once sports achievement could be taken to a whole new level. The small Latvian start up AirDog has developed a drone for an already existing and successful product line – GoPro.

It’s even simpler to use then other drones and was specifically designed to fit the active lifestyle and adventures typical for the products users. The drones main aim is to carry the GoPro and follow its owner. Due to some extra features it is much more effective, compared to other products on the market. For example, AirDog uses a waterproof wrist-worn gadget called the "leash" that is its both a GPS tracker and controller. In addition, it uses the downward Lidar sensors to stop it from hitting the ground, which is useful if it were to suddenly take a steep drop. The company received 1$ million funding from Kickstarter and it took it 14 months to develop it. 


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