Hydrogen-fulled drones


One of the biggest limitations to drones is their relatively short battery life-time. Average UAV can fly for around 30 minutes, and creation of a one, that can be in the air for much longer, became the main challenge for the industry. Hydrogen-fueled drone engine is an opportunity here. Last week, Hydrogen Engine Center and Arcturus UAV announced a partnership in a project focused on development of fuel system that is endurable, reliable, and lightweight, and ensures low-emission. The desirable flight time is not known yet, but other hydrogen-fueled drones can fly for as long as 2-3 hours. The drone which it to be created - Arcturus’ T-20 fixed-wing drone model, was originally developed by US AirForce, but thanks to the partnership, is supposed to be converted into commercial machine. Drones which use clean energy are growing in popularity in general. Micromulticopter Aero Technology announced works on first commercial hydrogen drone in April. 

Source: dronelife.com

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