Who the new drone operators will be and what will they be doing?


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Since pilot license is no longer needed to operate a drone, the number of devices active in commerce will grow significantly. FAA estimates that number to hit 600 000 within a year. However it is much easier to become a drone operator today, where would all these new pilots come from and what will they be doing?
It seems that with drone prices starting at around $1 000, many Americans would be able to afford one and would start operating it for fun. Later on, they would be asked by friends to help with some house-work, like roof inspection, or to take some pictures from above. These drone lovers who flew drones for fun at the start would be eager to found a small drone enterprise. The entrepreneurs who will find a way to provide innovative solutions, delight customers and scale the business, would win and deliver new solutions for their customers – at the same time doing something they love.   

Source: techcrunch.com

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