Can drones improve safety in ski resorts?

01/02/17 | Tags: BusinessFunInnovations,

Avalanches in ski resorts are one of the biggest dangers to safety. Triggering controlled avalanches after heavy snow falls is a commonly used practice, but it is actually more difficult than it seems. The new idea is to use drones for that purpose.

To trigger avalanches, usage of explosive materials is necessary. The process must be safe, and no one should be around. Usually either ski patrollers, helicopters or some other more advanced solutions are used. Drones can facilitate the process. The UAV can safely and easily drop the explosive material at the top of the avalanche and fly away. The solution would have reasonably low cost, would be flexible and most importantly – safe. Although some regulatory issues appear, as drones should not carry any dangerous substances, the solutions is tested and may bring some improvements to safety in ski resorts in the future. 

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