Drones at Super Bowl

10/02/17 | Tags: BusinessFunInnovationsRegulationsEvents

Last weekend the eyes of majority of Americans turned to the Super Bowl Show. Apart from the game itself, the advertisements are big part of the whole event. As drones become increasingly popular, they were present there as well.

Although drones were vastly present, they weren’t physically flying over the stadium. The FAA announced a No Drone Zone over a stadium, and as far as 35 miles around, which was considered an exaggeration for many. Nevertheless, the unmanned flying vehicles found their way into the show anyway and were a big part of the night. They featured in numerous ads – Amazon, advertising its Prime Air solution, or Ebay, which convinced to buy a UAV for money earned at the platform.

While the Super Bowl event itself doesn’t include drones yet, the show with drones as fireworks or some other impression making-shows, might be part of the show in the near future.

Source: dronelife.com

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