Drones for transpacific cargo shipment

18/04/17 | Tags: BusinessSocialInnovations

A great potential of drones for commercial, short-distance shipment is already widely known and tested around the world, but a new startup from California, may revolutionize transpacific cargo shipment as well.

The company called Natilus is developing a fixed-wing drone which will use carbon-fiber wingspan, fuselage and jet engines to ship thousands of kilograms of cargo between continents.  For now, Natilus will be testing 30-foot long drone, but the company claims that till 2019 it will develop 80-foot long drone which will be able to fly between Los Angeles and Hawaii, and by 2020 140-foot long one, with cargo capacity of 200 000 pounds, which will be able to fly even to China.

The plans sound promising, as shipping of the cargo by drones may reduce costs, increase safety and positively influence the environment. While such mean of transport would take longer, it would still be much faster than marine transport, and the middle price range (and middle shipping time) may be encouraging for numerous players. 

Source: dronelife.com

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