Drones in Davos

23/01/17 | Tags: BusinessSocialRegulationsEvents

During the last few days the eyes of the whole world turned to Davos, where all most important decision-makers, politicians, academics and influential leaders of today’s world met. The event gathers so many high profile executives that security issues have to become a prevailing concern. The elites need protection from potential terrorist attacks, as well as from interfering paparazzi.

Although Davos was protected by police, double fence of barbed wire and the army, the threat coming from the air must have been offset too. Drones become so popular that they are considered to be a major concern nowadays. Above Davos the no-flight zone was established, but in case anyone breaks the rule, the security was prepared. A drone jammer—the HP 47 Counter UAV Jammer precisely, was present all the time to prevent any drone from taking unauthorized pictures or pose any threat to smooth running of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in the Switzerland. 

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