Intelligent drones will save wildlife in Africa

07/07/17 | Tags: SocialInnovations

Across the African savanna, 25,000 elephants and 1,000 rhinos are killed by poachers each year, according to some estimates. At this rate, they’ll be extinct within two decades.

Boston startup is developing Artificial Intelligence, which will be able to recognise animals and poachers from video taken by the drone’s cameras. Analyzing the video in real time, the AI identifies poachers who might be near the animals and alerts a human analyst, who can call in local rangers if hunters are detected. Using infrared light, the drones can be also deployed at night.

The aim of the technology is to have one human operator managing 10 different drones surveilling the area, until the AI rings an alarm for poachers nearby. The drones are set to deploy by January.


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