Will drones become a part of our everyday life?

06/02/17 | Tags: BusinessInnovationsRegulations,

The European Commission is planning to implement rules for operations of small drones within European Union area. The goal of EC is to “make drones part of the European citizens’ daily lives by 2019.”

The EC together with European Parliament set up meetings in February to reconcile new regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). They are planning to complete the process of formulating new policies by mid-year. EASA has already developed rules that are addressing drones, their design and requirements. The prototype regulation proposes to establish two category of drones –“open” and “specific”- that define different requirements and authorization.

During the High Level Conference on Drones held in Warsaw the EC Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc declared that European Commission is working on a drone traffic management system. “U-Space”, similar to the U.S. UTM concept, aims to integrate drones with the urban environment and ensure safety.  The EC plans to allocate €40 million to develop the system. 

Source: ainonline.com

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