New software enables drones to fly autonomously

23/02/17 | Tags: BusinessSocialInnovations

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software drones are able to perform flights without a human pilot. The new software was introduced by a start-up Exyn Technologies and allows drone navigation through dark, indoor and off-grid environments.

The sensor fusion and AI provide drones with a situational awareness. Multiple sensors enable drone to create a 3D map and update it after take-off. Human engagement during the flight is limited only to giving drone a goal and starting location.

The new software could help drones to count inventory in warehouses, to work in dark mine shafts and unfinished buildings and to measure work productivity. But in the real world autonomous drones not only have to avoid pedestrians, urban obstacles and obey traffic laws but also they need to face the challenge of internet connectivity problems. 


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