Logistics Network Excellence

Optimal logistics network

Logistics Network Excellence enables to create customer-centric and efficient postal & parcel logistics network

Postal & parcel operators are experiencing shift within their volume structure. Traditional mail volume is being replaced by growing volumes of e-commerce parcels. 

Trade is becoming global and more customers are deciding for cross-border purchases or ordering from China, thus sorting hubs are observing growing number of amorphous packages.

Later pick-up times, higher efficiency, better time in transit as well as flexibility in terms of delivery become key decision drivers in terms of selection of the parcel operator for customers. 

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Logistics Network Excellence demo

Benefits of using Logistics Network Excellence

Reduction of transportation cost per piece by 30%

Better pick-up times than competitors: on average by 35 min

Improved efficiency of delivery for parcels by 1-10 p.p. and by 1-20 p.p for letters

Our approach

  • Analysis of customer needs and competitors offers to determine required level of services for products
  • Definition of a structure logistics model that provides the lowest possible transportation cost and utilization of synergies among different product streams
  • Design of the new shape of the logistics network considering regulatory requirements to provide required time in transit
  • Determine of network elements in terms of space, technological solutions, IT supporting systems and level of optimization of current logistics processes to provide relevant efficiency of operations
  • Dynamic testing considering multiple scenarios, demand variability and random events to ensure that target network provides required capacity and is resistant

Our experiences in postal & parcel industry

  • Review of operational processes and the implementation of solutions supporting the operational excellence
  • Defining IT requirements for IT logistics network supporting systems
  • Logistics network modelling, including first and last mile

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