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A grant competition for young talents and a knowledge exchange forum for technology leaders. The Tech Minds program is launched, organized by PwC and CIONET

The aim of the Tech Minds program is to create a space for dialogue and establishing relationships for future and current leaders of digital technologies. An important part of the project is a grant competition for young people who show creativity and innovation in creating modern technological solutions for the exchange of knowledge and strengthening relationships in the student community. A grant of PLN 20,000 is available to be won by each team recognized. The organizer of the Tech Minds program is PwC, and the main partner is CIONET. Technological patronage will be provided by Microsoft, Google, AWS and Salesforce.

More than a dozen IT directors (CIOs / technology board members) were invited to the project. Agata Strzelecka, Vice President of the Management Board for Technology and Operations at Alior Bank; Jarosław Hermann, Member of the Management Board at Bank Millennium; Sławomir Soszyński, Vice President of ING Bank Śląski; Andrzej Grochowalski CIO at InPost; Michał Plechawski, Director of IT and technology manager at mBank; Jarek Pyszkiewicz, director at the IT Center of the Finance Department, Lucyna Michniewicz - CIO at VOX CAPITAL GROUP; and Piotr Kiszkiel, CIO at Rossmann. The chapter also includes Magdalena Dziewguć Country Manager, Google Cloud Poland; Piotr Grzywacz Director of the Partner Channel at Microsoft Polska; Piotr Fąderski, Vice President of Sales for the CEE region at Salesforce; and Przemek Szuder General Manager CEE at Amazon Web Services.

The work of the evaluation team will be carried out by Anna Sienko and Mariusz Chudy, both PwC partners and Anna Kosmala and Bartosz Górczyński, CIONET partners. An important element of the Tech Minds program is the grant competition, which aims to distinguish and reward the skills, knowledge, talents and creativity of young people. It is aimed at high school students and students of technical universities, who, under the leadership of the team leader, will prepare a project based on existing technological solutions. The aim of the project is to support pupils and students in exchanging knowledge and maintaining social relations. At the final stage, the competition committee will select the three most interesting concepts and will decide to award a grant worth PLN 20,000  for each team. 

"For CIONET, this is the first project of this type in which we engage young, talented people to cooperate with digital leaders. We are sure that this new relationship will result in not only incredibly inspiring projects, but also valuable conclusions and thoughts for both parties"

says Bartosz Górczyński, managing partner at CIONET Polska.

Building trust, sustainable outcomes and technologies are at the heart of The New Equation - PwC's new strategy. Within 5 years, the company intends to invest USD 12 billion worldwide, and USD 100 million in Poland in increasing the quality of existing services, developing technologies, including clouds, and improving employees' skills to better address customer needs and support the development and competitive advantage of companies. Tech Minds is one of the elements of implementing the PwC strategy in Poland, implementing an important educational aspect.

“When creating the Tech Minds program, we primarily thought about the possibility of combining the potentials of two groups - young technology enthusiasts and experienced digital leaders. This is the real Community of Solvers in practice, as we talk about in our new strategy. The program is designed to promote the creativity and skills of the young generation, as well as enable them to improve their competences under the guidance of leaders with extensive experience in digital transformation. We want to provide the necessary trust and support to both of these groups”

says Mariusz Śpiewak, managing partner of the business consulting department at PwC.

In addition to the competition, the Tech Minds program is also a forum for the exchange of knowledge on technology and digital transformation of enterprises. The agenda involves regular meetings and discussions on topics such as: competences of the future, advanced data analytics, the use of artificial intelligence, cloud, data security, opportunities and threats related to ESG. The number of jurors in our project will increase. Business needs technology, and CIOs without new talents who are at the beginning of their careers will not be able to meet the high expectations set for them.

As part of the competition, teams from secondary schools and universities under the supervision of mentors - teachers and lecturers - are to diagnose the needs of their community in the field of social relations and knowledge sharing and create solutions that will respond to these needs.

“The modern tools that came to our aid during the pandemic can be used for diagnosis, implementation or work on implementation.The application form on the competition website can be completed by December 20th 2021. After the preselection, 10 teams will go to the next stage and they will have a chance to present their projects to the Chapter. To be honest, I am looking forward to this moment the most, because I have repeatedly found out that the creativity of young people can surprise us very positively”

says Joanna Pawlak, president of the board of the CoderDojo Polska Foundation, which is the partner of the competition.

Tech Minds Regulations and the application form are available at Applications are accepted until December 20, 2021.



CIONET is a dynamically developing community of IT Executives, representing the largest enterprises and public institutions. It has been operating for over a dozen years and animates the life of a community of over 8,000 CIOs, CTOs and IT Executives around the world. The Polish community unites over 500 IT Executives - directors and board members responsible for the area of technology and digitization in large enterprises and public institutions. The mission of CIONET Polska is to create opportunities to exchange experiences between representatives of the management staff who face the challenges of technological and business transformation on a daily basis.


Information about the CoderDojo

Since 2013, the CoderDojo Polska Foundation has been teaching programming, but also the basics of electronics and robotics. CoderDojo is more than just learning programming for kids. The Foundation brings together volunteers, children and their parents. Together, they create a community that learns new technologies for free. It deals with topics in the STEAM area. Meetings are not a programming course - they inspire children to set themselves technological goals to achieve and help them achieve them. Meetings are held periodically in various cities and are free of charge thanks to the involvement of volunteers.

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