Reaching for more

3.8 billion+ for the Polish energy sector

Five areas which are the value generation source in the energy sector

PLN 2 billion

the investment leap associated with the development of the charging infrastructure segment

PLN 1.8 billion

the potential of crowdfunding in Poland

This year brings opportunities for the Polish energy sector that make it possible to “reach for more”. Based on its resources and infrastructure, the sector may gain more than PLN 3.8 billion

This report describes five areas which are the value generation source in the energy sector. Their proper utilisation is an opportunity to raise the effectiveness of companies, enhance the efficient use of current resources, and identify new sources of revenue.

How to earn money through electric cars?

In 10 years’ time, a million electric vehicles will be travelling on Polish roads. This will require a charging infrastructure supplied from the grid of the power utilities. In order to achieve measurable long-term financial benefits from the implementation of the ministerial plan, the companies interested in the development of the charging infrastructure segment will have to prepare rational business models and plan the optimal location of charging points (for example, using geolocation technology). The investment leap associated with the development of the charging infrastructure segment is estimated at over PLN 2 billion by 2025. On the one hand, this is an opportunity to expand business, and on the other a huge rganizational challenge to create a network of approximately 60,000 charging stations.


Is customer satisfaction a must?

Establishing efficient sales and marketing processes, supported by data analytics, is of fundamental importance. Proper programming of these processes makes it possible to build an organisation concentrated on meeting real consumer needs. Geolocation, drawing conclusions based on large data collections, and effective information management are the conditions necessary to adjust the electricity and gas sale offers to the needs of individual customers.


Why do companies need production data?

There is constant pressure in the entire energy sector to optimise operations. A feasible method of raising the operational efficiency is to increase the profitability of the infrastructure used. Professional use of the analytical tools that support business decisions may bring considerable savings for the sector, reaching a minimum of several hundred million per year.


How can we look for profitability?

The dynamic development of technology, customer needs and expectations, and the political and regulatory environment may provide opportunities for the development and implementation of new business models and products by energy companies. If energy companies take advantage of the emerging market opportunities, they can create a source that represents only a 1-digit percentage of their revenues, but which is a quantitatively significant contribution.


How to use crowdfunding?

The capital needs related to energy investments amount to billions of PLN. Only in the last year, the capital expenditure of the four main vertically integrated energy groups in Poland amounted to more than PLN 17 billion8. The development of new forms of capital raising gives the Polish energy industry an opportunity to obtain funds for its investments in a completely new way, for example, through crowdfunding.


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