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Home office transition plan and verification services

Distant work and telework advisory

We offer help in all matters related to the development and verification of your company's home office organization plan

Working remotely, which has become a common form of employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, was a privilege for 2% of employees in 2019.

The provisions contained in the Anti-Crisis Shields address the problem of home office in a fairly general way, many questions and problems related to its organization. In order to avoid non-compliance with respective legal provisions it is crucial that the remote work was addressed and executed properly. 

If you have any doubts related to distant working introduced in your company or plan to implement home office for a longer period of time, check how we can help you and contact us.
*source: Statistics Poland

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We help you with all issues related to the development and implementation of your company's remote working plan

Scope of the project we offer

  • Verification of compliance of the existing distant work system with the provisions of Anti-Crisis Shields

  • Analysis of PIT and ZUS issues in connection with this type of work

  • Determining the potential for transition from home office to teleworking and presenting recommendations for further actions 

Additional support of home office

  • Business analysis – defining optimal model of distant work for particular job posts while taking into consideration business requirements and long term costs and benefits.

  • Regulations – preparing a draft of flexible workplace regulations

  • Monitoring of engagement – support in monitoring of engagement and effectiveness of remote employees (possible to use PwC analytic tool HR M.A.I.A.)

  • Checklist – preparing a checklist for the employer (to be used at the beginning of home office and in the long term as a control mechanism)

Method of Implementation

The work will be done based on the tax and legal questionnaire

In the case that more information is needed, the questionnaire will be supplemented by interviews conducted with selected employees


Report from the analysis with practical legal and tax conclusions and a meeting to discuss the results

Additional support (optional)
Support with implementation of recommendations from the report


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Joanna Narkiewicz-Tarłowska

Joanna Narkiewicz-Tarłowska

Director, PwC Poland

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Małgorzata Fiedorczuk

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Michał Balicki

Counsel, Advocate, PwC Legal, PwC Poland

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Filip Kotarski

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