Matchng Artificial Intelligence Assistant

A People Analytics tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence to capture employees’ fingerprint and, as a result, identify company DNA. With M.A.I.A. you will improve your talent management in the field of strategic workforce planning, hiring, talent development, engagement and retention.


of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions*


of employees worldwide consider themselves to be engaged at work*


of CEOs consider the availability of key skills as the biggest threat to business*

* “The Cost of Bad Hiring Decisions Runs High”, www.insights.dice.com
„The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis”, www.gallup.com
"The talent challenge”, www.pwc.com

What can M.A.I.A. do for you?

Improve strategic workforce planning to successfully execute business strategy

Enhance company image to retain and attract key talents

Reduce the time and cost of recruitment and improve the quality of hires

Increase the employees’ level of engagement and prevent turnover

Develop L&D programs relevant to the business strategy

Reduce the risk of M&A failure due to culture clash and turnover of key talents in post-merger integration scenarios

Only 52% of CEOs dare to use advanced technology in HR*

Drive the change. Join the pioneers.
Build a competitive advantage in talent management with M.A.I.A. 

*"The talent challenge”, www.pwc.com

Why is M.A.I.A. unique?

No assumption approach ›

M.A.I.A. makes NO assumptions. It is going beyond the typical people analytics methods like analysis of standard HR data, making hypotheses and checking if they are correct. All conclusions are drawn based on data received directly from employees, therefore M.A.I.A. reveals in-depth knowledge about people and organization verifying existing expectations, intuition and HR Data. By using Big Data Analysis, it determines associations which could be excluded in a typical psychological approach.

Descriptive, Prescriptive and Predictive ›

M.A.I.A. is dedicated to companies which are open to new trends like HR Analytics and HR Tech and - by implementing a concept of data-driven HR - strive to make people management decisions based on facts and figures, not intuition.
M.A.I.A. not only provides a description of current situation, but also recommends the best solution of dealing with existing challenges and predicts future trends.

Customized to Client’s needs and values ›

M.A.I.A. is NOT an off-the shelf software that can be found on the market. It adjusts to the Client’s values and needs. Developed on the basis of data collected from employees, it is absolutely unique for each organisation.

Artificial Intelligence with a human touch ›

Using the most technologically advanced Big Data analysis methods like deep learning, clustering, random forests, collective intelligence, M.A.I.A. provides the possibility of extremely complex data operations within a short time frame.
At the same time, M.A.I.A. meets the ethical guidelines governing AI designed by Stehphen Hawking and Elon Musk.

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