Resolving disputes of private businesses


We are aware that the private and professional lives of individual entrepreneurs and family companies are often interconnected. Legal issues require particular discretion and are related to reputational risk.

Litigation over succession of family companies
Dissolution of joint ownership of property, chattels, shares in a company
Defence lawyer in tort, penal and tax penal cases or dissolving the company
Claims relating to defects in buildings, yachts, cars and airplanes
Disputes between partners in a company, including removing a partner or dissolving the company
Legal aid for Poles studying and working abroad
Claims from insurers, airlines and travel offices
Disputes with counterparties before courts in Poland and abroad
Other proceedings before courts and administrative authorities
Division of the estate and joint property

Despite the fact that we are recognized on the market mainly for cooperating with the largest companies, for eight years we have also been advising private businesses.

Operating within the PwC network, and therefore being able to draw on its long legacy of business advisory services almost all over the world, we have learned to develop a cooperation model which meets the diverse challenges faced by our clients.

Entering into individual relationships with our clients is key to understanding their needs. We therefore start providing our advisory services to you and your business by building mutual confidence.

We are supported by more than 70 lawyers in the largest cities in Poland: Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice, Cracow
We have over 3500 lawyers in 97 countries globally
100% effectiveness in managing reputational risk

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