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Indirect taxes and your company

Here you will find information on indirect taxes and our solutions for your business

In the era of globalization, indirect taxes (VAT, customs duty, excise duty) have an increasing influence on the financial management of every enterprise. This area has recently experienced many regulatory changes, in particular related to the ongoing digitization of settlements.

Depending on the company's needs, our comprehensive tax services may include, among others ongoing tax consultancy (the so-called hotline), reviews of the correctness of tax settlements or settlements on behalf of the client. Our teams include specialized experts dealing with customs and excise duties.

In addition, our offer includes small-automation tools that improve selected tax processes or support full automation.


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Value Added Tax (VAT)

We can help with:

  • System reviews
  • E-invoicing
  • VAT Hotline
  • VAT administration and compliance
  • Changes of the classification system of goods and services for VAT purposes 

Excise duty

We can help with:

  • Tax reviews
  • ERP system verification
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Excise duty compliance
  • Training and workshops

Customs and foreign trade

We can help with:

  • Tariff clasification
  • Customs value
  • Customs procedures
  • Contingencies and exemptions
  • Customs Compliance
  • Customs Litigation
  • Anti-dumping regulations and other EU-wide laws
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Slim VAT Package

We can help with:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the pattern of transactions and arrangements made with contractors
  • Development of draft agreements with contractors / contractual provisions
  • Applications for an individual interpretation
  • Defense file and / or design of appropriate internal procedures
  • Participation in negotiations

Retail sales tax

We can help with:

  • Analysis of taxable transactions
  • Determination of the tax base
  • Automation of tax calculation and reporting
  • Calculating the correct tax amount
  • Tracks your retail revenue surplus threshold
  • Service declaration generation

Sugar tax

We can help with:

  • Identifying goods that will be charged with new tax
  • Calculating the correct amount of fees and preparing proper reporting documentation
  • Determining the impact of new regulations on trade relations between market participants

White list of VAT taxpayers

We can help with:

  • Support for the verification of contractors' bank accounts based on the list kept by the Ministry of Finance
  • Solutions supporting the verification of contractors' bank accounts to which the payment is to be made. This way, you will avoid the risk of paying to an account outside the list.

Split payment

We offer, among others:

  • Classification analysis of goods and services
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Specification of system requirements

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