IT in tax

Automate your tax function with us

We combine thorough tax expertise with technology

We know how to efficiently implement IT solutions dedicated to managing your taxes. We understand how the changing tax law affects your systems and provide your with ERP solutions which allow to optimize tax processes. We help you to minimize risk related to the correct calculation of your tax burden. 

We utilise the capabilities of technology in tax advisory. Our team consists of programmers and tax advisors, who have vast experience gained in international organisations. We combine tax expertise with technology, creating tools such as Taxolite

IT in Tax

How can we help you? 

  • Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T): to quickly generate and file your SAF-T we have created Taxolite and Taxolite Cloud (together with the possibility to send the file to the MInistry of Finance), SAF-T generation on demand and SAF-T validation
  • Assistance in the implementation of ERP systems: we help define the tax requirements for new systems or review your existing ones. 
  • Tax automation: we create dedicated solutions to automate your tax calculations and returns
  • R&D tax relief: as of Jan 1st 2016 new legislation has been introduced. We assist you in using the new benefits. 
  • Dedicated tax applications: we can help you with very specific issues you may face, such as TP risk or FATCA. 

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