PwC provides startups with support they need to grow their business and reach thousands of clients in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Since October, applications can be submitted to PwC Startup Collider acceleration program. The aim of the accelerator is to support and promote innovative technology startups from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The deadline for applications – to be submitted at - is 10 December 2017.



The Startup Collider acceleration program is organized under the auspices of PwC, one of the world’s strongest and most recognizable B2B brands. It provides young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to work directly with PwC experts, mentors and decision-makers, as well as thousands of the company’s clients from the CEE region. The business potential is enormous.


What distinguishes Startup Collider from other ventures of this kind - in addition to PwC's unique acceleration methodology - is the program’s international scope and openness to startup acceleration in various industries and areas of expertise, as well as independence from government programs that could impose formal restrictions. It is also worth pointing out that Startup Collider is implemented in a non-equity formula.


The first edition of PwC Startup Collider was targeted at fin-tech start-ups. In the second edition, startups developing technologies in various fields are welcome to apply. 

We are open to all interesting and innovative solutions that provide a response to the challenges and technological needs PwC’s clients. We are expecting applications from startups operating in the field of big data, artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, customer experience (e.g. CRM, project management tools), cyber security, digital tax / tax automation

– explains Magdalena Kwoska, PwC Startup Collider Project Manager.


PwC Startup Collider is looking for firms that have developed a product or service that is ready and can be marketed directly, and those that are geared up for growing their business on a global scale. The program is targeted primarily at young companies from Central and Eastern Europe, which already operate in the CEE region. However, startups from throughout the world can apply to Startup Collider if they intend to expand their innovative technologies and wish to grow their business in cooperation with PwC in the CEE region.


- Budding entrepreneurs often lack experience and knowledge to effectively grow and capitalize on technological solutions they have developed. We are willing to share this knowledge with them

- says Beata Cichocka-Tylman, PwC’s Innovation and R&D Director.

- Our goal is not to find startups in which to directly invest or from which to purchase technological solutions. We are looking for firms that will become our business partners, companies with which we can jointly develop new products. Through our network of contacts and relationships, we provide them with the scale they need to develop, as many businesses we work with are very large market players

- she adds.


Applications to the current edition of the PwC accelerator can be submitted through 10 December 2017. Among all applications, a total of 15 most interesting and promising firms will be selected. This group will participate in a 3-month intensive boot camp, comprising 4 one-week sprints in Warsaw, as well as workshops organised remotely. In order to gather as much information as possible, young entrepreneurs will meet PwC experts and representatives of businesses during this period. This accelerated stage is scheduled to end in April 2018, when a Demo Day will be held; it is to be attended by investors and potential customers. Subsequently, startups will go through a 6- or 9-month market entry phase, during which PwC will support them in finalizing the concept, and assist them in their first sales. In addition, during this period, each startup will be supported by a dedicated mentor from PwC, an expert from the industry in which the startup is to operate.


In addition to acquiring professional and technical knowledge, it will be a period of intensive networking with various groups of stakeholders, both in Poland and abroad.

- Building business relations is also one of the factors that can contribute to the market success of a startup, and therefore we place great emphasis on this aspect

- explains Magdalena Kwoska.


You can apply to PwC Startup Collider by December 10th 2017. For more information on the programme, visit

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