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Import duty and competitive advantage - how customs law allows you to reduce costs

04.10.2022 | 11.10 AM

In times of rising inflation, which influences the price of the components and raw materials, as well as in times of increased limitations in availability due to the current situation on the global markets,  efficiency of international activity gains more and more importance.  Having that in regard it is worth identifying and utilizing all the potential possibilities to increase efficiency, also those given to us by the customs law.

We would like to invite you for the next edition of our webinar, in which we will present you how in practice one could utilize the plausibilities given to us by the customs law to increase the efficiency of the supply chain and gain the advantage in form of lowering or eliminating customs duties by the importers, as well as increase competitiveness by the entities exporting their goods outside the EU.

In this edition we will also include the newest developments, which could present a possibility to increase the savings. We will also answer your questions and doubts that most frequently were asked during and after previous webinars. This time we will likewise present you a tool that can in simple manner identify the missed opportunities and risks related to multinational activity.



  1. When do we pay customs duties and what can we do about it?
  2. Items of charge  - what take into account?
  3. Special procedures - how to effectively utilize them in your business?
  4. Tariff suspension - a real chance for real multimillion savings in customs duties.
  5. Customs data analysis - what can you read from your data and how to use it?
  6. Exporters perspective - how to utilize the current customs law in order to gain competitive advantage?

Additional information

  • Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

  • The event will be conducted in English and Polish.

  • The number of places to participate is limited.

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