PwC Foundation

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Since the very beginning of its business activity in Poland, PwC company has been engaged in actions supporting local communities, various groups of people in need and non-commercial areas of activity however important for social life. We, as a company, have undertaken different activities; some of them involved our employees in their free time, others included donating material goods or money sponsored from the company budget. We have been engaged in various areas of activity, ranging from widely understood culture and art to educational and charity activity. 

Some of our initiatives were more successful and gave us the sense of effectiveness, but others- disappointed us greatly. In 2005 we decided to analyze our undertakings in order to understand the reasons for success or failure of the undertakings and- in the future- focus on those which are bound to be effective and possible to bring substantial changes for the good in our surrounding. We asked our employees what they were willing to focus on and devote their time and energy to, and what we should support as a company.

Consulting our employees provided the following answer to our question: we- as a company- would like to focus on counteracting social exclusion. We want to support non-governmental organizations, who are professionally engaged in this phenomenon, so as to facilitate the effectiveness of their work. Some of us have more spare time, others have less. Some people feel comfortable when they advise people on the basis of their professional experience and specialization, others prefer sitting at the bed of a sick child. Many of us are ready to donate 1% of their tax for the idea they believe in.

That is why we decided to establish PwC Foundation “Give of Yourself”. We specified clearly who we aim to help and together with beneficiaries we are going to work out the method of the most effective aid. Everyone may find for themselves an appropriate form of engagement in our foundation. We are constantly coming up with new programs and methods of support. That can be really engaging.