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Michał Przybylski Menedżer, PwC Poland 13/06/19

Back in the day, space was a domain dominated by world’s major powers, all of them countries where military and scientific space programs played an important role. The industry’s landscape today is nothing like it.

On the contrary, it is full in numerous market players involved in development of space flight, exploration of the cosmos, and cutting-edge technologies from various of domains that have applications for space-oriented ventures. More and more from CEE region. Founders, if you want to get connected to the space market global players, get recognition, possible investment and do real business, Apply for Future Space Accelerator powered by Airbus Poland, SatRevolution, Clean Project and PwC by June 30th

Innovation is the key to disruption and business growth. Startups are the source of innovation. With more than a thousand aerospace and spacetech startups being established every year, the cosmos is coming in hot and investors have a solid lock on possible opportunities in the sky above. Still, young innovators and visionaries often lack business development skills, means to test-drive their solutions or first-hand market insights. What they need is access to expert knowhow, mentorship and help with getting the investors.

This is where big market players come into play, sharing their global resources, experience and eagerness to implement and test-drive new solutions as well as arranging possible investment opportunities that can benefit both Founders and the entire startup community. These are some of the elements of a comprehensive offer for innovators that Airbus, SatRevolution and Cleanproject will provide Startup Founders during the scaling processes.

Future Space Accelerator

Future Space Accelerator is a CEE-based startup acceleration program and what makes it unique is it being dedicated to startups developing products and solutions that might find application in aerospace and spacetech. Their innovative ideas how to conquer the cosmos or research faraway galaxies to benefit humanity can thus easily be transformed into valuable business. Moreover, Future Space Accelerator is not limited to the aerospace domain, it has a lot to offer to innovators from a number of fields of innovation. Which solution can be applicable and to what extent? The easiest way to find out is to apply to the program by June 30th HERE

Wanna fly high with the Big Brands?

The program is powered by the biggest market players and space innovators including Airbus – the global leader in aviation with a track record of 50 years of innovation, SatRevolution – the first ever Polish success story in the field of satellite equipment that successfully developed and launched its nanosatellite into space, Cleanproject – an innovative Polish company specializing in construction of industrial plants and laboratories for technologically advanced production and research processes, especially for the space industry, and PwC – business growth and innovation consultants recognized worldwide for their expertise, global insight and proven track of success with scaling up startups and businesses.

Participation in Future Space Accelerator provides startups with direct access to infrastructure, knowhow and experts interested in testing and eager to implement cutting-edge solutions within their organizations as well as promote avant-garde innovation to their partners worldwide.

Access the inaccessible

Direct access to the organizers’ infrastructure, clients and business partners in the CEE region and beyond is probably the benefit that innovators in the field of aerospace and spacetech are looking forward to the most. This does not end there, however. All four partners will work hand-in-hand to help startups participating in the program acquire clients and establish partnerships with prospective business partners, in particular in CEE, but also in other markets. Direct access to the decision makers on the partners’ side and the global recognition that cooperation with Future Space Accelerator generates goes without saying. This is where business truly lifts off.

What innovators all around the world have in common is their limitless vision and disrupt the hitherto undisrupted. They perceive the status quo as the enemy that has to be vanquished, so that a new, better, more efficient business and science environment can be created. What they lack are instruments to make their envisioned disruption reality. Quite often they are not entirely business-savvy. This business acumen, however, is a skill that can be taught and learnt. The program partners’ mentors and experts are eager to share their knowhow and experience gathered throughout years of operation in their respective fields. Nothing stands in the startups’ way to make use of this potential for growth, but their willingness to work even harder than before. The intensive mentoring processes and meetings with dedicated mentors make this transition into a major player a lot easier.

Not limited to aerospace only

What basically started as creation and further development of propulsion technologies or jet engines run by a handful of players back in the day, has now extended to a number of tech solutions. Aerospace is not just aerospace anymore. It’s Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Analytics, Optoelectronics, Geo-tagging, Advanced Robotics, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and dozen more novel technologies that are applicable in a plethora of industries. The most inventive solutions with game-changing potential have the chance to be implemented at Airbus’ laboratories as well as those of the remaining two program partners or those of their business partners. Recognition-wise this is a snow ball that can take the program’s participants into space. Literally, into the orbit or even further beyond the moon in the direction of the Oort cloud.

The end is a new beginning

The pilot edition of the Future Space Accelerator program ends with a special Demo Day dedicated to the program’s participants who will have the one of a kind chance to present their ideas, solutions, products and technology to a large group of investors and media. For these startups, this will be the beginning of commercial cooperation with large market players, industry tycoons, and global tech thought leaders.

Global recognition, experience in working with market leaders, great references, potential to skyrocket your business is now closer than ever. Apply to Future Space Accelerator HERE by June 30th and see what it feels like to have the cosmos at your fingertips!

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