Customer-oriented organization

For several years, companies that are determined to ensure their long-term development have been focusing on the customer and the customer’s experience

Customer experience is a priority topic for companies in nearly every sector. The great availability of products and services, competitive prices and the high degree of customer awareness makes the competition for customers all the more fierce. The battle will be won by whoever ensures a high-quality customer experience and anticipates the customers’ needs. Customers will feel connection to this brand and will make favourable purchasing decisions. 

Being customer-focused is not a declaration: it entails concrete measures and actions.

Being customer-focused means an awareness of your customers’ needs, being familiar with them and maximising the positive experience they have at every stage of the customer journey, at every possible point of encounter with the brand, service or company name.

How to maintain a high ROI on payroll?

The level of return on investments in payroll and other benefits paid to employees is decreasing from one year to the next, mainly as a result of the gradual increase in salary levels in Poland. 

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How to achieve satisfactory results, while paying more?

  • Make certain that the system of remuneration is linked to the company’s strategy and supports the implementation of its objectives, both in the short and long term. You will improve the labour effectiveness if you invest in payroll in key fields of operation for the company and in pay rates that are correlated with results achieved. 
  • Make sure that the system of payroll and benefits is flexible and tailored to the needs of both current employees and future candidates. This will improve the team’s satisfaction and commitment and enable you to attract new talents to the organization. 
  • Give consideration to factors such as generational changes and technological progress, which are today setting new trends in employee remuneration. 

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  • How to boost customer loyalty? 
  • How to build a unique customer experience?
  • How to build lasting relationships with customers? 

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