People and change management

Effectively implementing changes at a company, by improving processes and organizational structure and by effectively rewarding and engaging the people involved

What can be done to ensure that changes proceed properly and effectively? 

Unfortunately, this is a question that all too often gets asked too late. Usually it is an unsuccessful project or implementation that forces a company to give some serious consideration not only to how to resolve the problem at hand, but how the project or implementation should have been managed in the first place. 

In any situation of change, people are a crucial element and asset. On the one hand their engagement and motivation are essential for the success of change implementation, while on the other hand one has to bear in mind that they will exhibit a natural resistance to change. 

Applying a structured and systematic approach to addressing people's needs whilst new solutions are being implemented is an essential element of every change. Such an approach is important to the company's success.

More than 70% of projects do not end in success, defined as yielding the expected benefits to the business or effecting a lasting change to how it operates


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