Remuneration system

The employee pay-incentive system should be tailored to the company’s profile, its organizational culture and plans for the future

In many cases, the classic payroll models may nowadays prove completely ineffective. It is therefore worth looking for solutions that best combine the interests of employees and employers, even if that means a change in the status quo.

Are you paying more and more, but receiving less and less?

From each 1 złoty invested, Polish employers received an average of just 60 grosze in profits*

* PwC study, data for 2015 r.

We will show you the direction for how to build a payroll system in various aspects: 

  • Improving the effectiveness of the payroll system 
  • Pay-incentive systems that support the implementation of the company’s strategy 
  • Designing a coherent payroll system 
  • Benefits that respond to employees’ needs 
  • HR audits
  • Long-term incentive plans (LTIP)
  • Value-differentiation of positions 
  • Systems of non-payroll motivation 
  • Remuneration for management and supervisory board members
  • Payroll policy
  • Measuring the effectiveness of human capital management (Saratoga HC Benchmarking)

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