Employee engagement

The effective implementation of a business strategy and a company’s success primarily depend on the engagement of people

Employees have to understand the changes taking place at their organization. Otherwise they will treat their job superficially, without commitment, and may lose their motivation. 

An awareness of the broader business context and the strategic objectives of the organization will help them to identify with the company and to perceive that the work they do makes sense. 

Companies with higher indexes of employee engagement are:


more profitable


more productive

than companies with lower indexes*

*Based on a study by the Gallup Institute in 2016r.

How can the company’s strategy be communicated to employees, so as to engage them in its implementation? 

Business context

Employees who can perceive the sense and value of the work they do more often show initiative and take actions that exceed beyond their scope of duties. If you want to create a team comprised of such people, you first have to familiarize them with the company’s mission and direction of development, then create an effective, non-financial system of motivation.


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Organizational culture

The workplace environment should support the business strategy. It also has to allow people to maximally harness their potential and cooperate effectively with others. Within such an environment you can build motivation and bolster employees’ effectiveness.


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Multigenerational teams

Generations X, Y, Z as they are known, and the baby boomers often have different needs worth recognizing. Learn about what motivates them, familiarize yourself with their style of work, try to meet their expectations halfway, and you will be better able to harness their skills and create a committed team.


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A leader should have a distinctive personality and be credible and consistent in their actions. Develop your managers and teach them to manage their emotions. These are important elements in building effective leadership and a motivated team. 


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We will help you answer the questions of how your company can:  

  • boost employee engagement,
  • study employee engagement,
  • motivate employees, 
  • implement a new organizational culture, 
  • improve the atmosphere in the team, 
  • manage talent, 
  • develop managers. 

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